01 April 2014

An Explaination of Why Anti-Vaxers are Wrong *LINK*

I love science. My motto here is "Live loud. Question everything." Science is the process by which we find answers to those questions. I want to be clear on a few things here.

1.) Science is not simply a means to an end, nor is it perfect. As our understanding evolves, science evolves. The recent discovery that Black Death may not have been a bubonic plague after all shows this.

2.) Science is still the best method we have for understanding the way our universe works. The results of that process are still the best explanation we have for natural phenomena.

3.) Opinions are NOT as valid as science, no matter how loudly they are stated.

4.) Science says vaccines don't cause autism, but they *do* save lives and keep children from suffering needlessly.

For a much clearer explanation, see here:

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