28 January 2014

Nerdy Knits: Whovian Alphabet for Knitting

As I said last week, I am continuing my series of geeky alphabet charts for you yarn crafters out there. You can find my first two installments here: Potter! Twilight!

This week's alphabet is near and dear to my heart, the Whovian Alphabet.

Now, I am not caught up. Seriously. I don't have cable, so I watch on Netflix, or occasionally elsewhere on the internet, so I haven't seen anything since the Ponds left. That said I am seriously excited for Peter Capaldi's take on our favorite Madman with a Box.

Let me know if you use my lettering, I want to see what you make! If you want to sell what you made, just link back here. (And please, don't try to sell my charts.) You should also consider checking out my fob watch inspired baby rattle.

So who are my fellow Whovians? Sound off in the comments, but please no spoilers. ;)

21 January 2014

Nerdy Knits: Twilight Alphabet for Knitters

It's been well over a year, but my Potter Alphabet continues to be my most popular post, by far, outstripping all other posts combined. In that vein, I have decided to continue with a series of sci-fi/fantasy fonts so that you lovelies can let your own creativity shine. SO with out further ado, I present, the Twilight font:

I chose to do all lower case, as the book titles are all written in lower case.

As always, you are free to use this pattern in any way you see fit, provided two things:

1.) Do not sell my charts directly
2.) If you sell an item made using my charts, please credit it back to this page

Other than that, it's free, always will be. Have fun!

New! A Doctor Who font!