14 February 2009

Day 34: A Pain in the Butt

The sciatica I spoke of (briefly) in my last post is a pain that starts in my butt, and runs down the length of my left leg. For over a week, I was unable to even move my left leg forward to walk when I first woke up in the morning. I went to the Clinic in Phoenixville to see Dr. Romeo. (Yes, that is his real name, but think the difference between a rodeo, and Rodeo Drive.) He did a couple of quick tests and told me, thankfully, the pain is caused by a muscle spasm, and NOT a herniated disc. He put me on a high dose anti-inflammatory, and referred me to the physical therapist. My first PT appointment is next Friday.

It SUCKS not being able to move much. I'm doing better, but I can't even pick up my niece without pain, and dancing with her is right out. To have such a major setback so early on is frustrating like you would NOT BELIEVE. Walking is a chore. The most I can handle is getting to classes, and for my basic needs at home. I've attempted shopping twice, both times ended in agony.

My diet has suffered, too. I knew it would- I'm an emotional eater. I'm pissed off and sulky=I eat crap. I'm trying but between the almost constant availability for desserts and junk, and my inability to say no to them when I'm in a funk... I haven't even stepped on a scale lately. I'm too embarrassed.

But, there is a glimmer of hope at the end of this crushing tunnel- physical therapy. I get to talk to some one about the SAFE way to exercise. Also, I'm not going to let something temporary sabotage me permanently this time. Once I have the go ahead to work out, I'm going to pick myself up and GO. I can't afford to waste time waiting for "inspiration" to strike again.

I'm going to be healthy. It's not an option or a dream. It's simply the truth.

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