20 March 2009

Day 68: Pain Receeding

If I take my medicine properly, I feel completely normal. If I forget, or just don't, it gets bad, but much less than it was. I'm doing my PT exercises intermittently, but they really do help. I've noted an odd upper body strength discrepancy between my left and right sides. I realized it was from carrying my bookbag with my right hand exclusively. The difference in my side ab muscles was probably contributory to my injury, so I'm now switching hands.
I've recently purchased a Kripalu Yoga DVD, and have organized an impromptu group to watch and participate during lunches on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm afraid to weigh in right now however, as a combination of lethargy, pain and depression has made me very sedentary and hungry.

Yuck. However. Back on track tomorrow.

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