19 August 2012

OmNomNom: Scotch Eggs

You know what I love about scotch eggs? (Besides their ease, simplicity, convenience and delicious flavor?) Even hard boiled eggs this ugly:

End up this pretty:

And it's way, way, ridiculously simple.

We own a Butterball electric turkey fryer. If you've ever wanted to try frying a turkey, but were scared of oil fires, this is the unit to buy. Really. Every so often, we like to fry up something other than a turkey though. And when it's out, I do many things, because it's just easier that way. Tonight, I made a deep fried chicken, with sweet potato fries, and I experimented with frying some brussels sprouts (I broiled the rest, as usual). While it was out, I made these breakfast balls of awesome, too.

First, you need the boiled eggs. I use this recipe by Alton Brown, Because Alton Brown is amazing (I don't care if you disagree). But any method works.

Then, you need loose sausage. You can be lame and use a roll from the grocery store, but we like the good stuff from the farmer's market, which we season simply with salt, pepper, and paprika. You can use anything you want, really: sage, oregano, garlic, whatever you like.

Finally, you need breadcrumbs. Seasoned or not, your choice, style doesn't matter. I like the crunch of panko.

Now take a small ball of sausage, and sort of make a dip in it.

Then, place the egg in the middle and try to ease the sausage around it in a more or less even layer.

Roll it around in the bread crumbs until coated.

Repeat until sausage is gone, or you run out of eggs. I ran out of sausage first.

Drop them in your briskly rolling oil (I heat my machine to 375 Fahrenheit).

Fry for about 5 min or so.

They should look like this:

If the sausage has pulled away from the egg in places? Oh well!

Let cool for a bit, then tuck in! They're great the next day, too. Reheat in the toaster oven, or eat cold.


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