21 September 2012

Nerdy Knits: Doctor Who Fob Watch

So. Recently I made a steampunk outfit for my adorable niece Vi to wear to a theme wedding. It was fun and easy to make, and holy crap is she cute in it. I mean, vomit inducing cute. Pictures to follow as soon as I have them, I promise.

Her father is possibly a bigger Whovian than I am, so when I got the idea to add a pocket watch to her costume, I knew which one it had to be. The Doctor's watch. The Fob. Since the idea made me giggle, I figured the finished project would be fairly epic. It was also an insanely quick knit, finished in one evening. I simplified the map of space time to be easier to embroider with something as bulky as yarn.

DISCLAIMER: Only I have knit this and only once. If there are mistakes, let me know and I will happily fix them. This is my very first written pattern, so be gentle.

Materials used: Caron Simply Soft in heather and black, the back of a plastic grocery bag, cut to size

Gauge and needles: About 4st/inch. I used size 3, use whatever you need, or size up or down for desired size.

Abbreviations used: co-cast on; st-stitches; k-knit; p-purl; k1fb-increase by knitting into the front and back of one stitch; k2tog-knit two together. Got it? Good, moving on.

The pattern:
For both the back piece and the watch cover start here-
Using the longtail method, co 5st
Row 1: knit
2:k1, k1fb, p1, k1fb, k1
4:k1, k1fb, p3, k1fb, k1
6:k1, k1fb, p5, k1fb, k1
8:k1, k1fb, p7, k1fb, k1
10:k1, k1fb, p9, k1fb, k1
12:k2, p11, k2
14:k2, p11, k2
16:k1, k2tog, p9, k2tog, k1
18:k1, k2tog, p7, k2tog, k1
20:k1, k2tog, p5, k2tog, k1
22:k1, k2tog, p3, k2tog, k1
24:k1, k2tog, p1, k2tog, k1
(Bind off here for cover, keep knitting for back)
26:k1, s1, k2tog, psso, k1
30:k1, k1fb, k1
32:k1, k2fb, k1
34:k1, k2tog twice, k1
35:k2tog twice
2 stich icord 2 inches or so
4 stich icord 4 inches or so (to fit the baby's hand)
k2tog twice
trim yarn, pull through final loop
double over the 4 stitch icord, sew down end

See diagram for picture to embroider w/contrast color
Sew two pieces together w/cc, stuffing with plastic bag, adding rattle if desired.

For more Who goodness, check out my new Doctor Who font!


  1. Oh dear heavens! Must Knit! Thanks so much for taking the time, having the creativity, and being so generous as to make all the above wonderfulness for free! I just bought my husband the Master's PocketWatch (the Doctor's to follow for his anniversary - the man is watch obsessed) for Christmas and this is just perfect timing. I even have JUST the right yarn to make this. I'm also thinking I'll make a 2nd to turn into a binky hider for the future. While I'm not ~yet~ we're enjoying the 'work' and I'm starting to slowly make odd & ends to tuck away for 'someday'. And as he's a dyed in the wool Geek and I'm a Nerd to the bitter end, it's imperative I ensure any future versions of our family are properly outfitted. Thanks again, you are quite a spiffing person!

    1. Thank you! V's parents are both giant nerds, and her dad and I are big Whovians, so I couldn't resist the in-joke.

      I'm wishing you love, luck and lots of baby dust in the New Year.