24 June 2010

The Heat...

... is holding me hostage. There have been heat advisories these past couple of days, cautioning even experienced runners to stay indoors. I'm looking for an elliptical or treadmill so I can train indoors on the hot (or cold) days when going out isn't practical. Yesterday, istead of running, I went to the mall, and did a little mall walking, but it just wasn't enough to really get my heart rate up. I may go swimming tomorrow, if it doesn't rain again.

I really hate stuff like this, ya know? I'm all determined, and then something breaks my rhythm. I'm jumping right back in as soon as I can, but who knows when that will be? I may start running at night. It's well lit here, and if I go out before 10, relatively safe. I don't relish the thought of running in the dark, but what else can I do? I'm not a morning person, and I will die if I run in 90+ heat. My mom practically begged me not to go out yesterday.

And that's another thing. I know people are just concerned, but holy crap! I'm not an idiot. I weigh in at over 300#, am in *abysmal* shape, and am very new to running. I'm not going to push my self too hard, go to fast, ignore pain or severe shortness of breath, or run in an oven. Seriously. I have medical training, I'm working with a friend who has fitness training, and am following a reasonable plan I have *still* toned down. You people (and you know who you are) can stop worrying. I may be silly, but I am not suicidal.

Anyhoo. I dunno. I guess I need to figure out my alternatives better....

EDIT: I almost forgot to post my progress from Monday! I went running with my friends Mark and Tori. I made it 4 out of 8 intervals, and I *didn't even want to die* at the end. I was sweating like a pig but really invigorated and happy with my progress. Next time I run, I will try for 5 intervals. :D


  1. I actually just joined a gym. First step, right? It won't be awful past initial fees - ~$30/mo. It has a pool and free classes too. I'm kind of excited to try to integrate exercise. Maybe, just maybe, I can do right by myself this time.

  2. That is so awesome! What days are you planning to work out?

  3. M/W/Th/ and F as like, a free day, like, take a class, do whatever I like as long as it's mobile. I think I might deviate on that Friday though once performances start.