06 August 2010

Frustrations, Jubilations and (Personal) Renovations

I haven't been running in over a month. This summer has been REALLY hot, and I'm still trying to find a treadmill that can accommodate over 300 pounds. I also need real running shoes. I haven't been getting enough exercise at all, but the Bowflex is finally up and running! I'm starting a weight training routine Tuesday. Also, I'm supposed to help a friend who needs to GAIN weight (for heath reasons!-The only reason you should ever care what your weight is!) so that should be interesting.

My self-esteem (the point of this whole blog) was recently given a boost when I hosted a dinner party last weekend. I cooked and served a three-course meal without burning down the house or poisoning anyone. I was very proud.

However, it took me three days just to get the kitchen any semblance of tidy again. Not because it was so messy, but because I was too lazy to do it. That got me thinking. We obsess so much over the unimportant physical stuff that is difficult, if not impossible to change (too fat, too short, etc.). What about the inner stuff? I have a list of character flaws ranging from minor (whininess) to major (I can be REALLY mean for no good reason) with a whole lot in the middle (too lazy to do dishes). That is the stuff to focus on. Who we are is not what we look like. It is what we DO.

So this week's assignment is to identify ONE character flaw that has nothing to do with physicality and name a course of action to change it. So, "I don't exercise enough" doesn't count, but "I park in the handicapped spot when there is nothing wrong with me" definitely does. For example.

My flaw is laziness. Specifically, I spend WAY too much time on the internet and not enough doing the simple tasks set before me (mostly by myself!) each day. It is a downer on the self-esteem, and it is putting a strain on my relationship. My course of action is to not boot up my computer or open a book until my chores are done. It is a simple change that should really only delay my relaxation by a couple of hours a day.

So what is holding you back from reaching your potential, and what do you plan to do about it?

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