20 May 2012

Balanced Chakras, Balanced Life-Root

Continuing on my quest for emotional and spiritual health, but taking a break from Body Clutter (just for a day or so more, I SWEAR!), I have decided to look into the eastern philosophy of chakras. It is an interesting concept. The basic idea is that there are pools of energy in the body, and energy flows from one to the next. Only by having all chakras open and balanced can we reach full actualization. It kind of trucks with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Each step must be firmly in place for the next to be tackled. I will post here about them as I work through it, and will be adding pictures of the meditative mandalas I am making for them.

The first chakra, is the root, and it is found at the base of the spine. It deals with the physical. Pain, depression and fear can be traced to a blockage, while egotism, greed and cruelty are signs of over-activity. When properly balanced, there is a feeling of loving life, and being at home in one's skin. Its color is red.

Wow. Do I have a closed off root, or what? I am in almost constant physical pain, mostly stemming from my kidneys these days (an organ associated with the root chakra). I am depressed to the point of being suicidal sometimes. I have an acute fear of loss, and a stupid crazy need for things, especially clothing. There is nothing about me that I love right now. Most days I sit on the couch with my knitting and do all of nothing, going back to bed in the same pajamas. The most I ask from my days right now is that I be allowed to mentally check out and have a minimum of physical pain.

One of the things the website I'm reading says, is that I can balance this chakra by cleaning my house. *Grimace* I am frankly embarrassed at the state of my house. I keep trying to find the motivation to do something, and I keep not having it.  I guess that's another symptom of the blockage, huh? Another thing it says is to dance. I haven't really done that in a while, mostly because it irritates the hubby. But who says it has to be in front of him? Also, it says to go barefoot and take care of plants.

So my Root Chakra To-Do List:
Crank up the music and dance
Go barefoot, and tend to my garden
Clean my house, starting in the kitchen, which happens to be the epicenter of the gross.

Start everyday by saying, "My life is full of love and opportunity. Today, I will rise to each challenge set before me, and tonight, I will go to bed better for it."


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