12 January 2009

Day 1: Weigh-in and Goals

EW! So I the title of my blog says I weigh 310, which would be bad enough. But I just weighed in and I'm actually 311. I wear a size 28. My knees creak, I have high blood pressure, and PCOS. I have insulin resistance with a family history of diabetes.

My name is Mandy. I am turning 25 this month. I have 0 chance of enjoying the rest of my 20's if the weight doesn't come off NOW. So yeah.

I decided to start this blog for two reasons:

1. To motivate me. I need to do this. I need to be accountable to someone, even if it is only the phantom of the possibility of people reading this.

2. To motivate others. I hope, as I write this that I am successful enough to serve as inspiration for others. So if you're reading, comment! I want to know what you think, what you feel, what your goals are!

So my goal for my next weigh-in, January 26th (the day before my birthday!) is a loss of 10 pounds, putting me at 301.

My goal for the end of my college semester, May 15th (I have to double-check that!) is a loss of 50 pounds, putting me at 261.

My long term goal, slightly adjusted for today's one pound disappointment, is a loss of 151 pounds, putting me at 160.

How am I to do that? Lots of veggies. Good fruits. Lean protein. Leafy greens.

For exercise, I will be walking 1 hour every day. I will also throw in other programs IN ADDITION, if time permits.

I will keep you posted.

Wish me luck!

Oh! And tomorrow: Before pictures! Gross!!

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