26 January 2009

Day 15: Two Week Weigh-In

I am NOT happy. At all. Since the start of this diet, I have actually GAINED a pound. I am beyond annoyed at myself. I'd been avoiding it all this time, but I think I need to start a food journal. It's just too easy to let it all get away from me otherwise.

Too annoyed to type. Grrr.

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  1. Hey now - don't get pissed about the number on the scale. Celebrate what you are doing for yourself. I have been doing a whole detox thing and was told that I would be able to see a difference on the scale everyday. Well, guess what? That hasn't happened. I have lost a few pounds, but not near the amount expected. I will say though, that clothes are fitting better and I am feeling better in general. Focus on those things, Amanda. The number on the scale or a particular size can't be your main goal. Your main goal should be bettering yourself, period. Improving yourself is something that we should all be doing our entire lives. Don't get pissed, just use it as fuel to push a little harder throughout this next week. You CAN do this!!!