22 January 2009

Day 11: Reaffirmation

I'm firmly entrenched in week two of my diet and my size 28 pants won't stay up without a belt anymore. :) I'm sitting at a computer in my college as I type, a lunch of garden salad with grilled chicken and fat free dressing at my side.

One of my classmates, who, for her privacy I will call J, has offered up her help in reaching my goal. That means a lot because J has lost a lot of weight herself, having undergone bariatric surgery. She's willing to help in anyway she can. "Even nagging," which is EXACTLY what I need!

To my 3 followers so far: Welcome and my many, many thanks. You have no idea what it means to me that there are other people out there committed to seeing me succeed. Please, please comment, let me know what you are thinking, and get on my case if you have to! If I could do this without help, I'd be there already.

I'm feeling good. I bought a pair of dancing shoes to match the ones my niece wears, so we can really groove together, lol.

Ew. I just loled in a blog. Anyway.

With my weigh-in just days around the corner, I don't think I will have lost nearly the amount of pounds I had planned on. In hindsight, it was probably an unrealistic goal, not to mention an unhealthy one, as I'm not under the supervision of a doctor. (I should be, and you should be, too, if you're trying to lose.)

I'm feeling good again. Back in school and around people, I feel my spirits lifting. With good spirits comes renewed determination. As my favorite drill instructor (from Celebrity Fit Club) would say, I'm in the firefight.


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